Using Magnesium Bath Flakes in a Home Spa

Published: 01st April 2011
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Magnesium bath flakes make a great addition to a hot bath to promote health and relaxation, and to soothe aches and pains. Bathing in mineral rich waters has long been known as a therapeutic method, and we all instinctively know that hot water is beneficial for the body and the soul. Using water-soluble magnesium chloride salts (MgCl2) allows you to obtain the benefits of this mineral, which is often found in popular hot springs, in your own home.

You need to set the scene properly to create a home spa experience. First of all, let your nearest and dearest know that you are going to be having a home spa treatment so they don't disturb you - or so you can enlist their help. They may think it's such a good idea that they'll want to join in - and few things are as good for quality couple time as a soak together in hot soothing waters. If your family members grumble, then you can remind them that magnesium salts not only soothe aches and pains but also are known to help with emotional disorders (it has certainly been proven that a deficiency in magnesium can cause mood swings and even has been linked with depression), so they'd better let you take that soak in a tub full of magnesium chloride or else!

Next, prepare your bathroom. Many people recommend lighting candles, dimming the lights and playing soothing music, as they do in commercial spas. Others prefer a good book to help them relax. However, the most important part of having a mineral bath is to relax and enjoy yourself, so choose whatever suits you best. And as you're in a Roman-style bath (the Romans knew about the therapeutic benefits of soaking in hot water, especially water that was naturally rich in magnesium salts), you can do as the Romans did and have a few nibbles handy to eat while you're relaxing in the hot tub - fresh fruit comes highly recommended. It's not recommended to use this bath for washing your hair or soaping off, as the detergents and soaps in these grooming products are likely to react with the magnesium chloride; save this bath for soaking or copy the Japanese and shower first to remove dirt. A loofah or a massage mitt is ideal.

After you have prepared everything, begin to fill the bath with hot water. Add the magnesium bath flakes while the hot water is flowing into the tub, as the motion and heat of the water will speed up magnesium chloride as it dissolves so you can enjoy your mineral bath to the full. You can use magnesium bath flakes alone, or you can enhance them with a bath oil or with relaxing essential oils such as lavender, which will work alongside the MgCl2 to help you relax. However, if you are taking a magnesium bath to soothe aches from muscle strain, then peppermint or eucalyptus might be a better choice. The recommended amount of magnesium bath flakes to use is about 500 g for a full bath.

Once the magnesium bath flakes have dissolved, it's time to add yourself to the bath. Soak in the hot magnesium-rich water for as long as you want - the longer you soak in magnesium-rich water, the better! However, it's best if you get out when the water starts to get cold and your skin looks prune-like. About half an hour should be right. Pat yourself dry with a towel. If you have enlisted the help of a friend or family member, follow your therapeutic magnesium bath with a massage. Bliss!


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